How To Succeed At Google AdWords

The buzz about “keywords” is often in the air at a digital marketing agency and the pay per click game is vital to search engine success.

So, if you aren’t familiar with Google AdWords then lets put it this way: Google launched this super useful online advertising tool that allows you to build ads that will be displayed during relevant consumer search results. The whole point is to increase impressions for your business and have people click through to your landing page. Hurray, right?!


Now, Google never builds any of its business tools to be complex however an advertising mechanism that involves expenditure can be intimidating to the best of us. Therefore, here are some tips to remember when building your first advert for display success:  

1) Ad Content: Before Google allows your ads to be displayed to its users, it begins with a quality score for your ad. This is to see if your ad matches the query of the searching user with relevant keywords and a landing page that will be the solution to the user’s question. So context is king. Make sure the keywords you have tagged are displayed in your ad and on the landing page text. So if your page is about Cooking Classes don’t be tagging “best restaurants” in your keywords. Just no.

2) Keyword Planning: Apart from this fantastic advertising tool, Google also offers a free keyword planning tool. This allows you to note popular keywords, keyword ideas, search volume for your keywords, competition and cost per keyword. So before you launch that ad, it’s best recommended to utilize this free tool for picking out result-driving keywords that are optimum for your budget needs.  

3) Negative Keywords: When there are things you should be doing, there are also things you should not be doing. You can’t be working out for 30 minutes a day and then eating cheeseburgers (it’ll be counter-productive). Hence, tagging keywords that would unlikely turn into conversion is considered by Google Adwords and they offer you a list of negative keywords to avoid that would prevent your ad from being served.  Take note!


4) Relevant Landing Pages: The worst part about clicking on a display ad is when the landing page has nothing or very little to do with the initial display promise. You will pay for the click but you will lose out on what happens after. You will lose out on the sale if a user is not satisfied with the landing page that promised a Free Trial but then asks for credit card information. So keep ad content and landing pages consistent to make sure your Ads are displayed (remember, quality score?) and have a high ROI.

5) Geo-Targeting: Often a common mistake when setting up a Google Display Ad is forgetting to change the default location settings from the US or UK to your local region. Also, it’s important to tag location specific keywords in ad text and at the back-end control of the ad. This is because many people often search via location. I always want Italian Pizza near where I live.

6) Test Different Campaigns: Finally, the last but certainly not least recommendation is to try different combinations of keywords, ad content and landing pages. Refining unsuccessful ads monthly can increase performance and save you the heartache of losing money to clicks but no real conversions. Just like cooking food, different ingredients will give you different results. Just find out what tastes best to you. 


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  1. Brilliant post, babe. Keep up the good work! xo

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