Marketing to Dating: 5 Things I Have Learnt

It’s time to compare being an expert marketer to being an expert dater. Why? Because in essence if you are good at applying marketing strategies to a situation then you are likely to be good at conversions and reaching your primary business objectives, right? (just dream with me here). The objective is to find a steady relationship with a loyal customer boyfriend and I think contemplating marketing to dating will get me there.


1) Know Your Target Audience: In marketing, we never invest resources, time or energy in advocating period pads to men. The right product to the wrong audience equals no long term sales. Hence, research and knowing thy product (thy self in this case) is the key to success. If you are a high maintenance gal then selling expressing yourself to an easy going man will only create confusion and not a long term commitment. So, know what you like and understand/accept what kind of person can give that to you. Any men who think diamonds make the perfect present? Please holla!
2) Emphasize Your USPs: I am guilty of being that girl who throws up her flaws in your face on the second date (okay, maybe the first date sometimes). But don’t be that person! In marketing, we always lead with our best assets. Head and Shoulders gets rid of dandruff (so what if it doesn’t smell like roses) and McDonalds is delicious (so what if it makes you a chubster). Nobody is perfect, no product is perfect. But everyone deserves to know what’s that special something you bring to the table and how if can enhance their life. So focus on the good vibes only.
3) Add Value: In traditional marketing, we believed in one-way communication and broadcasting our message across a TV screen without really gathering the opinion of our customers. But those days are gone and marketing is now not just about selling but about engaging in a conversation and a trade that adds value to the both parties involved. Regardless of who lands on your brand page or in your life, don’t make it your only goal to convert them into a fan. See, how your website presence can add value to their life. Remember, Dove? They aren’t just a brand that sells soap, they sell hope. So don’t be a guy/gal looking to take. Learn to give, inspire, encourage and move forward in harmony. (#redbullgivesmewings, do you?)
4) Call to Actions: Any successful ad on Google Adwords needs to have the following components: the service, the unique selling point and then a call to action. Since, we covered the service and USP bit, it’s time to address the ‘Call to Action’. Everybody has a preferred way of communication and so should be stated in a date. “Hey, you are really funny and we had a great date. Text me/Call me/Meet me again”. Pick what you like and give the customer your date a chance to follow back. Do you know how much it bothers me because I am a phone person and my date texts me instead? Skin crawls.
5) Option to Unsubscribe: Email marketing today is all about opt-ins. Nobody likes being spammed (I am talking to you, ASOS). So lets take a moment to emphasize the option of the good-bye. It’s that tiny button at the end of the email page but it holds so much power in dating. Why lead someone on when you can unsubscribe? Let them know that “hey, I am not feeling your services, offers our compatibility and the best thing to do would be to find other providers connections. There are also other options like the classic ‘Friend Zone’, so don’t spam or facilitate any unnecessary emails. Unsubscribe pronto and make dating an easy process.


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  1. Haha, I love this. My favourite post of yours so far.

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