Tinder For Friends: Down To Chill

I am always open to new people, places, platforms and experiences, cut to point, I am always down to chill. So when chatting up a fellow 20-something on a social networking website, I was glad to know that this sentiment of digital connect is widely spread.

Arjun Raj Jain, along with his fellow Upenn classmates Michael Powell, Matt Wojcieszek and Adam Elkassas have decided to do what many men have tried and failed, they have decided to slay the awkwardness. Well, “kill the awkwardness”, said the slightly tipsy Arjun with the ‘Down to Chill’ app but we’ll improvise.

A one-year-off-university kinda guy, actually, a one-year-off-university kinda guys (four of them to be precise) have ditched engineering and business degrees at the moment to pursue these sciences real-time with a mobile application that lets you connect with your Facebook account to set your availability for when you are “down to chill”. Similar to Tinder, strangers your Facebook friends are matched up with you based on proximity, availability and their hashtag, e.g. #drinking (mine will always be drinking) and you can finally connect without the awkward hey-I-stalked-your-profile introduction.

Sounds amazing, right? It sounded pretty fucking brilliant to me. I don’t know what is cooler? An app that finally lets me connect to the people I have been thumbing up on my timeline or the fact that four twenty year olds are genius enough to come up with it and pursuing their dream. Both, if I say so myself.

They have got 10,000 users present day, predominantly from the US but Arjun and I both agreed (over our second rounds of whiskey) that if Tinder can work in India then why can’t Down To Chill? This creation of their sophomore year needs to see the light of day in the market size that is the Indian population. From an App Marketing perspective this product is app gold. It’s user-friendly, super efficient and serves the basic human need of socializing. Hence, don’t be surprised if your favourite blogger, YouTuber, comedian or college fest starts promoting the ‘Down To Chill” experience. I recommended it.



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