CAMPAIGN FOCUS: India Bleeds Blue With Nike

I remember the 2011 Indian Cricket World Cup win like it was the last one night stand I had. There were fireworks, emotions and an unspoken agreement of satisfaction in the air. And whether you like it or not, we Indians love to win together. The word passion plays a very important role in our lives and the one thing every (most) Indians are passionate about is Cricket.

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Nike understood that. They took the one thing we all unanimously feel passionate about (supporting our nation, i.e.), associated itself with it officially and invited us to #BleedBlue. Enter monumental jersey sales, 2.3 million fans on Facebook and over 10 million views online in 2011. So what’s changed in the No. 1 campaign from 2011? Are we still reaching outstanding numbers on social media, earned media and online conversations? Is the nation still bleeding blue?

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Well, for starters, many things remain the same. The BCCI still upholds Nike as the official kit sponsor and apparel brand for Team India and Nike still aims to elevate the World Cup Experience. The brief both years focuses on making Nike’s Team India jersey the uniform of the nation and is directed to deepen the relationship of the brand with the sport and us patrons of passion. And the game-changer remains blue.

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But the digital mechanics have changed. In 2011, the integrated Facebook, YouTube and Mobile campaign focused on enabling users generating their own unique blue handprint. This was done by accumulating information from the users’ Facebook page, including photos, wall posts and other sharable information to generate an automatic unique handprint that would register as the user’s support for the national team. But the 2015 Bleed Blue is about crowdsourcing. Team Nike has now become confident enough in the success of its campaign to ask users to contribute real content and to make real personalized effort.

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They state, “Whether it’s on the streets or on the pitch, tell us how you bleed blue”. Their website,, similar to 2011 offeres “interactive” product experiences to explore the Nike gear in 360 degree and videos but now also showcases stories of powerful Indian Visionaries that #bleedblue. And unlike 2011, the campaign doesn’t limit itself to Facebook, YouTube or Mobile digitally. The online reach is still integrated but now phenomenal on new-age platforms like Twitter (3 million impressions+ so far) & Instagram (471,286 posts so far). They even utilized a sponsored hashtag for the first India vs. Pak World Cup match to enourage users to #bleedblue and raise brand impressions.

All in all, if Bollywood bombshell Deepika Padukone herself tweeted “who will #bleedblue with me? Victory in 2015” to launch the hype then I am buying whatever she is selling. The idea is to defend the glory everyday visionaries, Nike & Team India created in 2011 and ensure marketing and sporting victory is maintained in 2015.

Yes we can?


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  1. shradhabhatia · · Reply

    If you can convince an entire nation, especially one as diverse as India, to unite around a common emotion, you’ve got a winner. Of course, cricket already does that but Nike has really taken it to the next level. Great post, girl! Glad to see you back in the blogging game xx

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