Dear Reader,

Welcome to the space on the world wide web that provides you with marketing related insights that are grounded in digital and social media marketing and served with a creative twist of evolving business strategies and case studies to blow your mind and get your business panties wet. 

My name is Ruku Taneja and I am the marketer, blogger and publisher of this obviously brilliant website you are on (No, seriously, how brilliant is this?). From this webspace, I intend to communicate the tips and tricks of the art and science that is marketing today. I will also try and bring the very best of brands for you to learn from . All you have to do is buckle up, subscribe and come along for the ride. Emphasis on subscribe.

Oh, incase you are wondering, all my intellectual bits here come from a solid education via a Bachelors in International Business and the current degree program I am enrolled in at Imperial College London. No points for guessing but yes, it’s a Masters in Marketing (Strategic Marketing, to be precise) and I am one of the three scholarship holders on the program. Furthermore, I did decide to invest my time being a young entrepreneur and learning from the very best (experience gives it to you like no other). I opened a little-something-something related to rock n’ roll and merchandise retail. Details here: (Click me!)

Overall, I am passionate marketer, who is obviously hilarious AND committed to bringing you the best from the industry. I am also open for collaboration, comments and content creation. You can drop me an email for the same. Go on, drop it like it’s hot: rukutaneja@hotmail.com.


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