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30 Newbie Digital Marketing Definitions

So, you have been prancing around town calling yourself a digital marketer? Or have you been sipping on your red-bull and offering unsolicited digital advice on Twitter? Well, either way, here are a few definitions to brush up on before someone calls you out on that digital smack: 1) AdSense – Google AdSense is a […]

How To Best Use Google Analytics & Key Metrics

Understanding the analytics behind your web presence is essential to understanding is your business reaching the right people. Hence, behold, Google Analytics, a free (hurray) and powerful tool that provides information on how well your website in functioning. The genius that is Google Analytics can help you understand the how, where, when and why of […]

CAMPAIGN FOCUS: India Bleeds Blue With Nike

I remember the 2011 Indian Cricket World Cup win like it was the last one night stand I had. There were fireworks, emotions and an unspoken agreement of satisfaction in the air. And whether you like it or not, we Indians love to win together. The word passion plays a very important role in our […]

Tinder For Friends: Down To Chill

I am always open to new people, places, platforms and experiences, cut to point, I am always down to chill. So when chatting up a fellow 20-something on a social networking website, I was glad to know that this sentiment of digital connect is widely spread. Arjun Raj Jain, along with his fellow Upenn classmates […]

5 Things You Learn Working in A Digital Marketing Agency

Today marks the day when I decided last month to leave behind a comfortable living for a high-paced, sometimes always stressful agency job. Jumping from being a recent graduate to managing accounts worth a few good millions is high pressure, my friends. So, here are some of my humble observations. You have been warned. Jack […]

Marketing to Dating: 5 Things I Have Learnt

It’s time to compare being an expert marketer to being an expert dater. Why? Because in essence if you are good at applying marketing strategies to a situation then you are likely to be good at conversions and reaching your primary business objectives, right? (just dream with me here). The objective is to find a steady […]

How To Succeed At Google AdWords

The buzz about “keywords” is often in the air at a digital marketing agency and the pay per click game is vital to search engine success. So, if you aren’t familiar with Google AdWords then lets put it this way: Google launched this super useful online advertising tool that allows you to build ads that […]

How Not to Market to Women: Nine West

So the advertising geniuses at Peterson Milla Hooks that Nine West hired have recently launched a new advertising campaign for the “shoe occasions” we everyday women go through. Initially, I assumed the campaign that targets 25 to 49 year olds is a campaign to be relatable and sell shoes that will lift you up regardless […]

Measuring Your Social Media Success

With every digital marketing agency in the city providing the “Social Media Service” and with every business executive jumping on the bandwagon of what it means to be social, it’s ever more important to understand the true value of your social investment. The question is how do we measure if we have been successful?  Unfortunately, many companies […]

Abercrombie & Fitch Makes Mobile Marketing Hot

What makes Abercrombie & Fitch’s target market tick? Hot models in seasonal trends, duhh. Behold, the A&F Forecast (available across all mobile devices) that presents the daily weather forecast Abercrombie & Fitch style. The objective was to “provide intriguing content to encourage customers to continue visiting the A&F loyalty site daily while inviting new members”. The strategy hence […]