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How To Succeed At Google AdWords

The buzz about “keywords” is often in the air at a digital marketing agency and the pay per click game is vital to search engine success. So, if you aren’t familiar with Google AdWords then lets put it this way: Google launched this super useful online advertising tool that allows you to build ads that […]

How Not to Market to Women: Nine West

So the advertising geniuses at Peterson Milla Hooks that Nine West hired have recently launched a new advertising campaign for the “shoe occasions” we everyday women go through. Initially, I assumed the campaign that targets 25 to 49 year olds is a campaign to be relatable and sell shoes that will lift you up regardless […]

Best of Super Bowl Commercials

100 million viewers and 4 million dollars worth 30 second ad spots make this event historical/note-worthy and generally epic. Oh & there is football too. Hello, Super Bowl. You have been missed by brands waiting to cash in on the millions glued and by brands trying to out do each other when making connections with the […]

Dove: Beauty Is Campaign

Re-positioning a brand is not an easy task. Especially when a brand has always been positioned and promoted based on its functional benefits. But Dove did it and they did it big. By launching their ‘Real Beauty’ campaign 10 years ago, Dove became more than a soap, it become an experience and it became a […]

Viral Ads 2013: YouTube Edition

Welcome, to the new age (Web 3.0– is that what we are calling this?). Gone are the days when you could have a smoke break in the ‘Sex and The City’ TV advert to avoid one of the few ads you would see in a day. Ads are everywhere today, they are on banners, pop-up […]