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App Marketing 101

With Mobile App downloads comfortably surpassing 100 billion this year and mobile app revenue to reach $46 billion by 2014, I’d say this the right time to cover the basics of how to get a piece of that sweet millionaire pie.  If looking at a company like Printer Pro that only made it to the Top 25 […]

6 Steps to a Successful Social Media Campaign

Besides being often confused as a monkey that doodles on Facebook all day, as a Social Media Manager I am also responsible for coming up with social media campaigns, successful social media campaigns that provide measurable return on investment for the brilliant social enterprise I work for. Most people (you laymen) would define these campaigns as […]

SEO: Search Engine Optimization for Beginners

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the art and science (as all marketing is today) of increasing visibility of your website (your most important digital real estate) on a search engine’s natural or un-paid/organic search results. Imagine you search the Heineken beer brand on Google, it’s a certain outcome that their website will top the natural listing […]

Viral Ads 2013: YouTube Edition

Welcome, to the new age (Web 3.0– is that what we are calling this?). Gone are the days when you could have a smoke break in the ‘Sex and The City’ TV advert to avoid one of the few ads you would see in a day. Ads are everywhere today, they are on banners, pop-up […]

Say Hello, Digital Marketing Mix

Gone are the days when McCarthy’s (1960s) 4 P’s (Product/Price/Place/Promotion) would revolutionize sales and dictate marketing strategy generation. The big bang of the internet happened and it re-mixed the marketing mix. How? The product became answerable to the viral nature of the internet, the price became transparent, the place became virtual sales and the opportunity […]

5 Examples of Co-Creation

The ‘E’ explosion and digital landscape changes such as the emergence of social media and the rise of consumer 2.0 have lead to a shift in the locus of marketing control from companies to consumers. We have moved from the Attention Economy (pushing communications) to the Attraction Economy (pulling communications) to the Participation Economy (where […]