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Tinder For Friends: Down To Chill

I am always open to new people, places, platforms and experiences, cut to point, I am always down to chill. So when chatting up a fellow 20-something on a social networking website, I was glad to know that this sentiment of digital connect is widely spread. Arjun Raj Jain, along with his fellow Upenn classmates […]

How To: Social Media Freelancing

So, you have got your social media game on point but working with an agency just does not do it for you anymore. It is time to take the first step into the formidable world of freelancing. How do you make it big without losing your sanity? 1. Here’s the good news: every business needs […]

5 Things You Learn Working in A Digital Marketing Agency

Today marks the day when I decided last month to leave behind a comfortable living for a high-paced, sometimes always stressful agency job. Jumping from being a recent graduate to managing accounts worth a few good millions is high pressure, my friends. So, here are some of my humble observations. You have been warned. Jack […]

Marketing to Dating: 5 Things I Have Learnt

It’s time to compare being an expert marketer to being an expert dater. Why? Because in essence if you are good at applying marketing strategies to a situation then you are likely to be good at conversions and reaching your primary business objectives, right? (just dream with me here). The objective is to find a steady […]

7 Signs that Social Media Marketing is the Career for You

1) Friends and co-workers often refer to you as “the one who can teach you that Twitter thing”. 2)You have daily targets for likes on your Facebook page and sharing a link gives you immense pleasure. 3)An attack on social media as a “waste of time” is an attack on everything you believe in. 4) You need to schedule […]

Ridiculous, Sexist Vintage Ads (With Reactions)

What You Said: How I Felt: What You Said: How I Felt: What You Said: How I Felt: What You Said: How I Felt: What you Said: How I Felt: What You Said: How I Felt: What You Said: How I Felt: