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Measuring Your Social Media Success

With every digital marketing agency in the city providing the “Social Media Service” and with every business executive jumping on the bandwagon of what it means to be social, it’s ever more important to understand the true value of your social investment. The question is how do we measure if we have been successful?  Unfortunately, many companies […]

7 Signs that Social Media Marketing is the Career for You

1) Friends and co-workers often refer to you as “the one who can teach you that Twitter thing”. 2)You have daily targets for likes on your Facebook page and sharing a link gives you immense pleasure. 3)An attack on social media as a “waste of time” is an attack on everything you believe in. 4) You need to schedule […]

6 Steps to a Successful Social Media Campaign

Besides being often confused as a monkey that doodles on Facebook all day, as a Social Media Manager I am also responsible for coming up with social media campaigns, successful social media campaigns that provide measurable return on investment for the brilliant social enterprise I work for. Most people (you laymen) would define these campaigns as […]

Using Instagram in your Marketing Strategy

Welcome to the world of social media marketing. This is the savvy marketer’s attempt at getting your brand known, shared and spoken about (e-word of mouth) across social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, so on and so forth). Why? Because 1 billion active users are on Facebook followed by 560 million on Twitter. Social Media platforms […]