What makes Abercrombie & Fitch’s target market tick? Hot models in seasonal trends, duhh. Behold, the A&F Forecast (available across all mobile devices) that presents the daily weather forecast Abercrombie & Fitch style. The objective was to “provide intriguing content to encourage customers to continue visiting the A&F loyalty site daily while inviting new members”. The strategy hence […]

1) Friends and co-workers often refer to you as “the one who can teach you that Twitter thing”. 2)You have daily targets for likes on your Facebook page and sharing a link gives you immense pleasure. 3)An attack on social media as a “waste of time” is an attack on everything you believe in. 4) You need to schedule […]

With Mobile App downloads comfortably surpassing 100 billion this year and mobile app revenue to reach $46 billion by 2014, I’d say this the right time to cover the basics of how to get a piece of that sweet millionaire pie.  If looking at a company like Printer Pro that only made it to the Top 25 […]

Besides being often confused as a monkey that doodles on Facebook all day, as a Social Media Manager I am also responsible for coming up with social media campaigns, successful social media campaigns that provide measurable return on investment for the brilliant social enterprise I work for. Most people (you laymen) would define these campaigns as […]

What You Said: How I Felt: What You Said: How I Felt: What You Said: How I Felt: What You Said: How I Felt: What you Said: How I Felt: What You Said: How I Felt: What You Said: How I Felt:

 Just like getting myself dressed for a day at the office, building brands takes a lot of consideration. However, if you have ever read the Purple Cow by Seth Godin, then you’d know about something called Remarkable Marketing. Remarkable Marketing “is the art of building things worth noticing right into your product not slapping on marketing […]

Post-Valentine’s Day blues have been dealt with by looping Beyonce’s self-titled album Beyoncé in the shower, on the tube and during every visit to the grocery store. Why? Because not only is she the fiercest diva of all time but Beyonce is a brand and a marketing genius we can all learn from. 1. You Don’t […]

The power of branding is not limited to inanimate objects you probably don’t need. Brands don’t just help us separate two bottles of sugar water but also help separate two job applicants, two entrepreneur styles and two OkCupid profiles that you might be interested in for Valentines Day (Doomsday). What kind of brands are we talking […]

100 million viewers and 4 million dollars worth 30 second ad spots make this event historical/note-worthy and generally epic. Oh & there is football too. Hello, Super Bowl. You have been missed by brands waiting to cash in on the millions glued and by brands trying to out do each other when making connections with the […]

Welcome to the world of social media marketing. This is the savvy marketer’s attempt at getting your brand known, shared and spoken about (e-word of mouth) across social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, so on and so forth). Why? Because 1 billion active users are on Facebook followed by 560 million on Twitter. Social Media platforms […]